I have a limit of 4 to a group but there may be fewer sometimes.

Group walks are 1 hour long and travel time is not included in this hour. This means your dog gets a full 60 minute walk but may well be out with me for 1.5-2hrs as we pick up and drop off other dogs. Individual walks are either 30mins or 60mins and the same applies with travel time. Puppy walks are dependent on the age of the puppy but the rule of thumb is five minutes for every month of their life eg, 5 months = 25mins.

We try to stay fairly local and the group walks are limited to 4 dogs so drop and pick ups should only take approximately 30-45 mins at a time, but this is also dependent on traffic issues.

We visit lots of different places, but our favourite spots are The Downs, The local forests and the beach to name a few.

We have 6 bespoke crates built into the van so that your dogs are completely safe and secure whilst travelling.

We cover Eastbourne, Stone Cross, Polegate, Pevensey, Westham and Hailsham.

Our group walks are £9 for one dog, £15 for 2 dogs from the same household and £20 for 3 dogs from the same household. Individual walks are £10 for 30mins and £15 for 60mins.

We are currently able to take ad hoc bookings, however, regular bookings will take priority.

Unfortunately at this time I can’t offer boarding, however I do offer pet sitting which means your pet can stay in the comfort of their own home while I stay with them.